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 Home Study and Facilitation Services 


  • Pre-Adoption consultation to discuss private domestic, state domestic, and international adoption choices, and help families determine the best options for them.
  • Completion of the home study assessment in order to determine family readiness to adopt, as well as to provide family education and preparation for child placement. 
  • Completion of the necessary paperwork and other requirements for placement of children from out of state.
  • Completion of required post-placement follow up visits to assess and promote healthy child-family adjustment. Completion of post placement reports in compliance with U.S. and international adoption requirements. Consultation and referral to community providers when additional support is needed. 
  • Facilitation and referral to other qualified domestic and international adoption agents/attorneys/agencies as needed.


We Can Help!

Identified Child Adoption--If you have already located a birth mother and need a licensed adoption agency to complete the adoption, we are happy to help facilitate the adoption. If you are a birth mother considering placement, we would be happy to speak with you to review your options and discuss next steps. 

We provide facilitation and referral to other qualified domestic and international agents/attorneys/agencies for child placement when indicated


Kinship Adoption-- if you would like to adopt a relative, we can provide resources to assist you. 


Special Needs Program—we promote finding loving homes for adoptable children challenged by medical need, learning disability, or age.    

International Program— we are licensed for both domestic and international adoption and facilitate international adoption processes.  We provide home study and post placement assessments in compliance with international adoption standards.


Joy of My Heart Adoption Services is licensed, and has its home office, in the state of Missouri. Couples, families, and single men and women who are able to provide a loving home for children are encouraged to apply.  For those who welcome it, we are pleased to provide encouragement to families from a faith based, biblical perspective. 

Joy of My Heart Adoption Services works with affiliates that may identify specific criteria for child placement.  The agency will honor that criteria in providing information to families.  Joy of My Heart Adoption Services does not match specific children with families, but rather, facilitates the adoption process. 





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